Happiness Expert

I am Martine LaBreche, a Montreal based Life Coach- Happiness Expert. I help busy and overwhelmed individuals positively rebuild their relationships, health and wealth by breaking free from negative patterns and self-talk that lead to stress and anxiety.

Focusing on the mind-body-brain connection, my programs put into action science-based methods of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, NeuroScience and Self-Coaching Practice. Fun and interactive, my private and group sessions are designed to heal and empower clients to take charge and reach for a balanced life, abundant in health, wealth and meaningful relationships.

With a background of over thirty years successfully helping people while keeping up with best practices from the latest scientific research, I offer a variety of innovative & powerful programs for positive change.

Fluent in French and English, I have been told by my clients that my  boundless energy, empathy and enthusiasm contribute to the experience of coaching and fill their sessions with caring, support and aha moments. Please email me to see if we are a good coaching fit. 

And I invite you to learn more about my private and group coaching programs here.